The practice of law is evolving...

      Technology has dramatically changed how the world does business.  Many 
      criminal lawyers in Canada have simply failed to adapt.  Ruttan Bates uses
      technology in the office and in the courtroom to provide better service and
      better results for our clients.

      As the Canadian criminal justice system continues to develop electronic case
      management and advanced high-tech courthouses like the Calgary Courts
      Centre and the south location of the Alberta Court of Appeal, Calgary criminal
      lawyers must invest time and resources to stay current.  Through our ongoing
      involvement with the Legal Education Society of Alberta and the University of
      Calgary law school, Ruttan Bates is well positioned at the leading edge of 
      courtroom advocacy.

       Let our experience and skill work for you.

       Ethics and integrity are cornerstones of our practice.  We refuse to put
       forward less than our best effort.  As a result, Ruttan Bates enjoys among the
       highest reputation of Calgary criminal lawyers.  Our practice is thriving based
       almost entirely on referrals from clients, other lawyers and even members of
       the judiciary.  We also often assist other lawyers who need help preparing
       materials for the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

       If we cannot resolve your matter through negotiation then our criminal trial
       and appeal experience will ensure that you have the best possible 
       representation in court.

       Ruttan Bates has assisted clients from across Canada and in USA and Europe.
       We are routinely available for trials and appeals in Alberta, British Columbia
       and Saskatchewan and appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa.

       For more information, please explore our website or contact our office.

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