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This page was last updated: January 17, 2018
Office changes

                 Ruttan Bates has recently said goodbye to our long time mentor and colleague John James who is no 
                 longer practicing from our offices. This change has, however, led to the opportunity for us to open                         our space to another long time mentor and colleague John Kingman Phillips. John's reputation as a                  highly skilled and versatile litigator in criminal, civil and class action proceedings is second to none 
                 and we are very pleased to have his presence around the office.

100 Alberta Court of Appeal Judgments

                   Ruttan Bates closed out 2017 by marking 100 reported judgments in the Alberta Court of Appeal.  As 
                   Calgary criminal lawyers our firm has become well known and respected for our appeal work and we look   
                   forward to continuing to build upon our reputation in Alberta's highest court. In fact, in 2018 our lawyers 
                   will be before the court on several civil appeals in addition to our regular criminal caseload.

Ruttan Bates returning to Ottawa in 2018

                   Following a number of appearances in 2017, our firm will again be before the Supreme Court of Canada this                    year on a recently decided sexual assault case from the Alberta Court of Appeal.

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